This is a long thread.

Like a super long thread.

Like one of the longest threads we’ve written about in a long time.

But it’s well worth your time, especially when you have a chance to look back at the mess our politicians, public health officials, and media have made of the entire pandemic.

Get a snack, you’ll be here for a bit but again, worth it.


Yeah, they told us Hillary had a 99% change of winning or something, right?



Excellent question.

We’re exhausted just thinking back about all of this nonsense.


Why indeed?

Everything IS stupid.

Good times.

Context? What’s context?

Remember this?

COVID doesn’t spread when people are protesting.

Ok, this is sorta depressing now.


That really was terrible.

And yet here we are.


Oops again.

And they wonder why people are vaccine-hesitant.

Yup, we get it.



Oooh, so TOUGH! Tom Arnold literally tries picking a fistfight with Dinesh D’Souza on Twitter over Charlie Sykes and YES, everything is stupid

‘Congrats, GOP, you are f**king useless’: @Oilfield_Rando goes through Infrastructure Bill line-by-line and it’s HILARIOUSLY infuriating

This. Guy. GETS IT. –> Hardhat Intellectual RAILS on societal ignorance (sheep?) over Biden, CDC recommendations, and forced vaxxing (watch)