It’s been almost a week since the CDC and the Biden admin totally and completely hosed their efforts to deal with the Delta variant. Did they really think forcing vaccinated people to mask up would encourage the unvaccinated to get the jab?


Clearly, we’re not experts or anything but holy crap, this has been a seriously stupid turn of events, even for Biden.

From Vanity Fair:

The Biden administration is attempting to craft a response “that underscores the severity of the Delta variant while simultaneously reiterating that vaccinated individuals are overwhelmingly not at risk,” Politico reports. Striking that balance is particularly crucial at this point in the national vaccination effort, when the government is still trying to persuade millions of Americans to get the shot and has started to get tougher on vaccine resisters. And among the other factors complicating how President Joe Biden handles this new phase is the expiration of an eviction moratorium that may put people at increased risk of being exposed to the virus and looming school reopenings. “There is rancor and frustration in the air,” Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg told the outlet.

The contentious nature of the government’s response in recent days has trickled down to the media covering it, as outlets such as the New York Times have been criticized for failing to include crucial context about new data coming out of the CDC. Members of Biden’s team have been among those critics, with one official telling CNN that “the media’s coverage doesn’t match the moment” and has “been hyperbolic and frankly irresponsible in a way that hardens vaccine hesitancy.”

Yeah, this latest nonsense from Biden’s CDC is really bad. Talk about terrible messaging and decisions.




None of them seem to care the least bit about actual science anymore.

If they ever did.

Campaign ended.

We were also told if we had the vaxx not only could we go back to normal BUT we wouldn’t catch COVID either.

Seems both were lies.



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