There is some scary stuff going on in our country, folks. Usually, we do our best to keep things light, we point and laugh at the Left, the media, and even President Pudding Cup but what we are seeing now is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Stacey Lennox from PJ Media was good enough to lay it all out in a quite frankly terrifying thread.

In the last 48 hours …

Our govt. wants us to believe Cubans are protesting over a rise in COVID cases.

Or that it’s somehow America’s fault because you know, it’s always our fault.

Keep going.

Yeah, that new Russia story is a hoot. We keep waiting for Tom Arnold to share those ‘pee tapes.’

Sorry, bad visual.

Deciding what texts people receive.

Granted, they can’t figure out how to get spam calls to stop but still … this is some scary, controlling stuff, folks.





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