Texas Democrats have been pretending they’re DEFENDING DEMOCRACY for days now after running off like a bunch of big-a*s babies instead of staying in Texas and doing their damn jobs. Seriously, if we see one more moronic post from Gene Wu about what he’s eating …

People voted for that guy?


DEMOCRATS voted for him.

Big difference.

People screeching about voter suppression and MUH CIVIL WAR are clueless about the bill. Nine days of early voting, 12 hours a day during the last week of voting … monsters.


If Biden isn’t babbling/whispering about Jim Crow he’s yelling from his pulpit about CIVIL WAR.

Who wants to tell Joe the confederates were Democrats, and they LOST.

The White House just knows if they throw out some popular terms and hot key phrases the masses will run with it. They also know very few of their followers actually A) know what the Texas or any voting law says and B) understand what Jim Crow really was.

Appealing to dummies is the Democratic way.

Or at least the Biden/Obama way.

So not only is the Texas voting bill NOT repressive or suppressive or oppressive at all, but Democrats ACTUALLY GOT what they wanted.

And they still ran like b*tches.

Do not celebrate these losers, people. Point and laugh.



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