Gosh, what other country’s government is big into censorship?

Rhymes with … Carolina.


Sounds like the White House is busy flagging COVID posts on Facebook that they find problematic and Facebook is removing them. Let’s recap here a little bit, shall we? Biden has created a ‘door-to-door campaign’ to INFORM the non-vaccinated about why they should vaccinate, and is now openly censoring COVID information on social media.

Xi would be proud, Joe.

The government is censoring content on social media.

Let that sink in.

Honestly, we don’t care if we sound like your unhinged uncle who sits in his basement talking to the aliens on his old Atari … this is legit scary. Twitter censoring conservatives for saying the word ‘pansy’ is lame and annoying, the government controlling what COVID information is available to Americans is quite frankly, terrifying.

And they ADMIT IT.

Like it’s no big deal.

Fascists have been smelling their own hole for years now.

Wait, that came out wrong.

You know what we mean … right?

This. ^



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