Many on the right (and even a few on the left) have questioned what appears to be Biden’s lackluster interest in Cubans fighting for freedom from their dictatorship. You’d think the leader of the free world would be doing everything he can to support freedom fighters trying to rid themselves of communism but for whatever reason (ahem), Biden and his team want Americans to think these protests are because of COVID.

Yeah, for the past 17 months they have blamed COVID for everything, but watching Cubans yell ‘freedom’ and independent journos getting arrested in the middle of live interviews kinda sorta negates that whole virus protest claim.

Biden’s comments from October of 2020 say a lot (and ain’t none of it good):

Biden has been lying about Cuba for a looooong time.

And the way his admin is treating Cubans truly seeking asylum in our country is very Obama-like.

Wonder why that is.

Like every good leftist.

Because of course he did.

Oh but it didn’t.

Not. At. All.



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