We’re not naive and we understand that there are people on Twitter whose entire purpose is to push and promote certain agendas and rhetoric. Both sides have them. Granted, one side gets away with a lot more than the other but yeah … politics on Twitter is like peanut butter and jelly.

It just goes together.

And it can be a fairly lucrative career, like it has been for ‘BrooklynDad_Defiant.’ Oh sure, for a long time he pretended he was just some dad in Brooklyn who was outraged over Trump and the country but then it came out that a really awful PAC was paying him to tweet.

Heck, they might’ve paid him to tweet this:

Right? If only those evil Republicans would stop politicizing the shot.




Huh, how times have changed for this ‘dad’.

Wonder what happened.


Look at how happy he is that people are taking that so-called ‘faulty vaccine’ now that Biden is president.

It’s literally the same damn vaccines but you know, orange man bad.

And another.

The irony of this one.

Seems he was ok with that faulty vaccine after Biden was elected.


Whoa, he gave his two kids that faulty vaccine.

Alrighty then.

Ok, we’ve proven our point. We know you guys can tell who the phonies and frauds are as well.

PS: He is such a mess that someone actually created an entire Twitter account mocking his hypocrisy, it’s well worth your follow: @DefiantLs



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