Yeah, this guy is DEFINITELY a Democrat. LOL

Gene Wu is one of the STUNNING and BRAVE Democrats who ran like cowards instead of staying and doing their jobs because they know when Texas passes their voter legislation it will be far more difficult for ANYONE to cheat.

And gosh, getting applause from DC (who is 90% Democrat) is hardly ‘wonderful.’

And what ARE they doing?

Delaying the inevitable.

Not to mention flying around on private planes WITHOUT MASKS (we like how he put his on for this selfie), drinking beer, and pretending they’re heroic.

Oh, and like any good Democrat, Gene wants you to give him money:


Man oh man, Democrats are really pushing this ‘it’s impossible to vote if we have rules’ nonsense … and their supporters are buying it without even looking at the legislation.

It would be sad if it weren’t so damn annoying.

And speaking of damn annoying:

MAGA Troopers, GOP simps … crying like little snowflakes?

This is an elected official. REALLY?


We’re not counting on it.




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