How cocky and obnoxious does someone have to be to not only think that bailing on their legislative duties is heroic, but that taking and sharing a picture of a bunch of Democrats on a PRIVATE plane wearing no masks is a good idea?

This right here, this is what we call privilege.

Especially as millions of Americans are forced to continue masking on planes, thanks to a Democrat.

Not a bit of self-awareness in this picture.

Not a bit of self-respect.

Look at us on our private plane wearing no masks and running from our duties … wheeeeeee.

The Democratic Party, ladies and gentlemen.

Guy, of course, said it way better than we could.

There aren’t any masks anywhere, not in their laps, nothin’, so they can’t claim they just took them off for the picture.

They’re not wearing them.

Because masks are for the little people.

Not at all.

But they know the same idiots who vote for them will keep voting for them because they’re … well, idiots.



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