This thread from Marina Medvin as we watch Cubans protest for their freedom is truly a must-read.

Hey, that’s the headline.


Someone who knows the dangers of socialism (communism) and how absolutely life-changing capitalism is for anyone who grows up in a socialist/communist country is definitely more of an expert than bureaucrats in DC telling us this is a peaceful protest in Cuba over rising COVID cases and not to worry, they are ‘strongly condemning’ any violence against protesters.

Case in point:

Taking photos in a grocery store upon arrival to the US, in disbelief that there is food.

This editor’s heart broke reading this tweet.

And her short but impactful thread:

But you know, capitalism is evil or something. Our friends in groups like Black Lives Matter say so.

What she said.

What she said, again.

And what they are fighting for in Cuba.

Sorry, Biden troglodytes, they’re not protesting because COVID cases are rising.

They are protesting because socialism/communism SUCKS.

We do too.



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