So many douche canoes, so little time.

Who wants to tell him that it’s not just ‘right-wingers’ refusing to take the vaccine?

Louis Farrakhan has been actively telling Black communities NOT to take the vaccine. So does Palmer want Black Americans constantly tested, locked out of public places, and forced to stay home? Or does he save that fascism just for the ‘right-wingers’ he feels justified in hating?

Discrimination is discrimination, you toad.

And when he’s done effing off, he can eff off some more.

Full disclosure, we snort-laughed.

Yes, yes we are immature.

It’s true. Palmer attracts the same sort of horrible and stupid that he himself brings to Twitter. If you read the thread you see a bunch of people breaking out their torches and pitchforks … wonder if they realize Black communities are included in Palmer’s discriminatory tweet.

Not likely.

If they were at all intelligent they would know better than to pay attention to Palmer.


We believe Leana knows better.

Palmer? Not so much.



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