No no no, they’re not fighting communism in Cuba, they’re fighting COVID. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Who ARE these people?


We get it. If our government actually admits communism sucks (and it does), they’ll tick off their pals in Communist China, not to mention movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa that continue to push communism and socialism in America.

But c’mon man, this is just a bunch of malarkey!

Cubans chanting ‘FREEDOM’ in front of their Capitol has ZERO to do with a concern over raising COVID cases in their country.

We wouldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow morning with our heads sewn to the carpet.

Freakin’ German Measles!


Clearly, they’re upset about COVID.



And fair.

Don’t believe your lying eyes, man.

Laura Ingraham nailed it – sadly, she’s right:


But don’t worry, our government is all over it and stuff.

They are even strongly condemning any violence or targeting of peaceful protesters.

And we know how scared communists are of ‘strong condemnations’ from Joe Biden.



I’m sure the Cubans who are fighting for their literal freedom are super happy to hear this, Jake.

They do, they just don’t care.

Sad. So sad.



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