Yup, that fuzzy conservative guy is trouble.


Surely you guys know who Grizzly Joe is, yes? If not, you should. GJ is a long-time conservative warrior type who loves his country and who has been attending CPAC for years, meeting and greeting with others in grassroots and working to make our country better. We were not at all surprised to see Grizzly Joe at CPAC in Texas … we were sort of surprised to see him on CNN.

Watch this:

CNN thought they had a gotcha.

They didn’t.

Right? If you brag about a Kraken then you better have a Kraken.

GJ is not wrong at all here.

But Jim Acosta fanboying over this interview at the end? What a maroon.


Yeah, Jim isn’t overly popular when he attends CPAC.

But he really should pose for a selfie with our pal Grizzly Joe.



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