This is all we have to show after 20 years in Afghanistan. Really, Joe?

Becket Adams’ thread about coming of age in the 9/11 era and seeing this sort of failure at the end of a 20-year war on terror says what an absolute letdown this is far better than we can … which is why we snagged his thread.

This editor was already in her 20s when 9/11 happened and it was the same feeling of patriotism and fighting for our country. It was about making things right and also making damn sure nothing like that ever happened again.

But don’t worry, Biden says our mission is complete and it’s time to call it a day.

Oh, and those pesky Taliban people? Nothing to see here … *eye roll*

Pretty awful.

And another good point. Does America belong in neverending wars? No. But was this the right way to end it?

Also no.

We get it, Becket.

We so get it.

They’d probably try and impeach him … again.



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