Huh, this editor remembers this incident very well considering it was just a month after she had started writing for Twitchy. And gosh, golly, gee, the gunman’s veteran status was not key or in any way related to his shooting of officers monitoring a peaceful protest in Dallas.

Seems NPR has left out a few important details …

Referring to the gunman as a veteran and deliberately leaving out some BIG details … typical.

Basically, all they’re really doing here is perpetuating the idea that veterans are dangerous while completely ignoring the reality of who the gunman REALLY was.

Yeah, those details seem important for some reason.

Yeah, the part about ‘wanting to kill white people’ jumps out at us.


Almost like NPR has an agenda here.


It certainly is starting to feel that way, especially when you read threads about what they did during the Trump administration.



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