Evil Q in all their evilness has ‘hatched an evil plan’ since Trump lost the 2020 election and that’s to take over school boards and win local elections.


Only an idiot would think what we just wrote was in any way realistic … case in point:


From NBC News:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat and the disappearance of the anonymous online account “Q” that once served as QAnon’s inspiration, many people who spout QAnon’s false claims have hatched a new plan: run for school board or local office, spread the gospel of Q, but don’t call it QAnon.

It’s a scene that has played out at other school boards and comes as many local meetings have emerged in recent months as cultural flashpoints in a broader battle over the perceived encroachment of race-conscious education — sometimes separately lumped together under the label critical race theory.

Huh. So if a parent opposes CRT they must be a member of Q.

Holy crap this is hot garbage.


It’s all a PLOT!

What a bunch of maroons.

Look out CNN, NBC is gunning for that ‘stupidest outlet’ moniker.



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