No big whoop, just TIME magazine writing some seriously puffy piece about China while failing to disclose China gave them a big ol’ chunk of cash.

From the Free Beacon:

Time magazine failed to disclose Chinese government funding for content published in its most recent print edition.

The magazine’s June 21-28 double issue included an insert from China Daily, a media outlet controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Disclosures on the insert label it as an advertisement from China Daily in Beijing and note that additional “information is on file with the DOJ, Washington DC.” Chinese government funding for China Daily is not mentioned. China Daily registers with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, a law aimed at tracking foreign government influence.

Scary stuff, folks.

We know you know that we know you know …

But this is bad.

Then again, from what we’ve seen out of this magazine over the past four years, this doesn’t actually surprise us.


We shall see.



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