So it appears Gwen Berry didn’t always have such disdain for the American flag and our National Anthem.

From The New York Post:

An old photo showing Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry beaming while holding the American flag has gone viral in the wake of her shunning the Stars and Stripes last week during the national anthem.

The image — which was posted to Berry’s old website in June 2015 — shows her exuding joy as she holds up the flag after she achieved her dream of representing the country at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Fox News reported.

Berry, 31, a two-time Olympic-qualifying athlete, incurred widespread wrath when she snubbed the flag on Saturday while the anthem was played at the Olympic trials in Oregon.

She reacted to the backlash by writing on Twitter: “At this point, y’all are obsessed with me.”

It’s not about being obsessed.

She made the news.

It happens when you’re an embarrassment to your country.


Pretty embarrassing and shameful.


We hope Gwen doesn’t accuse us of being obsessed with her.




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