A lie here and a lie there REALLY adds up. Wow.

Now, we can’t say for sure if these are all legit, or if they’re real or not, or if they are a lie or not but when you see it this way …

This thread is long so get some popcorn or a snack and get comfy:

HCQ doesn’t work.

Fauci was consistent.

Keep going.

Awww yes, the insurrection talking point.

That’s all we see anywhere.

Antifa is an idea.

It gets worse.

Voter ID is racist.

Blasey Ford was credible.

Holy crap.

A video caused Benghazi.

Hands up Don’t Shoot happened.

They’ve been lying to us for decades … and then doing their best to make us feel bad for calling those lies out.

Told you this is insane and infuriating.

Trump banned Muslims.

They are still pushing that crap.

MAGA rallies = super preaders.

But you know, riots … sorry, peaceful protests … were AOK.

Argh, the Nazis being very fine people lie.

That damn thing …

You didn’t build that.


Joy Reid’s blog WAS hacked by homophobic, time-traveling hackers!

Yeah, that’s it.

The parties switched places! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Cue the ‘you’re all conspiracy theorists’ from every single Lefty who comes across this crazy thread.

When you see it like this?

Holy crap.

What a bunch of lying liars. The lot of ’em.



Creepy AF –> Rick Wilson telling Chris Hayes about ‘very very dirty boys’ who ‘like to have their little backsides paddled’ is NOT a great look