SCOTUS has ruled that Arizona’s voting rules do not violate the Voting Rights Act.

And they are not racist.

Gosh, whoda thunk it?

But requiring an ID for voting is racist or something! REEEEEEEE!

You guys … check out the way NBC wrote their headline:


SCOTUS just literally ruled that’s not the case but hey, whatever gets the clicks and taps, right?

From the Supreme Court ruling itself:

The plaintiffs were unable to provide statistical evidence showing that HB 2023 had a disparate impact on minority voters. Instead, they called witnesses who testified that third-party ballot collection tends to be used most heavily in disadvantaged communities and that minorities in Arizona—especially Native Americans—are disproportionately disadvantaged. 329 F. Supp. 3d, at 868, 870. But from that evidence the District Court could conclude only that prior to HB 2023’s enactment, “minorities generically were more likely than non-minorities to return their early ballots with the assistance of third parties.” Id., at 870. How much more, the court could not say from the record. Ibid. Neither can we. And without more concrete evidence, we cannot conclude that HB 2023 results in less opportunity to participate in the political process.

So protecting the integrity of elections is NOT racist.

Gosh, we’re shocked.

Oh, wait, no.



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