They’re terrified of DeSantis. And they should be.

Our good, tolerant, caring friends on the Left are working overtime to blame DeSantis for that horrific condo collapse.

Before we even know how many people have been lost.

Gotta LOVE the media.

Yesterday they were trying to find a way to blame him over the regulations being lifted (what?!?!?!) and then this WaPo reporter flat-out claimed he didn’t give permission for FEMA to act for 24 hours, in essence, just letting people die and stuff.

This is of course, not true.

Disgusting, yes?

Christina Pushaw was good enough to fact-check Hannah:

Started within MINUTES.

Imagine if Hannah had just made a phone call and done a little investigating.

But you know, those narratives aren’t going to just write themselves.

Gosh, that doesn’t look like DeSantis was sitting back doing nothing.

Whadd’ya know?

We’re not counting on it.

Her intention was not to cover this tragedy.

No no.

Her intention was to use it to hurt DeSantis.

Ghouls, the lot of ’em.

Remarkable and not in a good way.

And absolutely what we expect from them these days.



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