Travis Akers thought it was a good idea to send his ‘formal notice’ to USAA stating if they didn’t stop supporting Tucker Carlson he would be taking his business elsewhere … on Twitter. Which tells you this is more of a pander and virtue-signal than any real act of protest. Sort of like when losers tell you THEY’RE BLOCKING YOU on Twitter.

Take THAT!

*eye roll*

If he’s this fussy with USAA he should send this as a letter, not as a lame-a*s tweet on Twitter.

Forget that USAA is basically a nonprofit doing good for MILLIONS of people … TUCKER CARLSON, REEEEEEE.

What a dill-hole.

Apparently being critical of any member of the military is somehow ‘disparaging the military’ now.

So does that mean the idjits on the Left who have been trashing Dan Crenshaw and Tom Cotton for years and years were disparaging the military?

On his timeline.


Holy COW does this guy ever delete a lot of tweets.

That doesn’t seem suspicious or anything.

Speaking of useless … and Dan Crenshaw.

Wonder what ol’ Travis deleted here?

Maybe this?

One-eyed Willy?

Classy group Travis runs with.

And more deleted tweets.


Progressives are doing what they’ve always done, play their ridiculous ‘morality’ card while clutching their pearls and trying to cancel someone for NOT FALLING IN LINE. And they claim the Right is authoritarian … get these people a mirror.

Get them several.

Funny watching the Left suddenly pretending to give a damn about our veterans.

We know better.

Travis has been making some changes to his bio and account since this thread came out.

Oh, and now this is his pinned tweet (that he has limited to only a few people who can respond):

Convenient timing on that ‘disclaimer,’ doncha think?

As you can see, his disclaimer went well.




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