We’ve written about the lame, progressive wannabe scam PAC ReallyAmerican before … they’re the group who pays that Brooklyn dad to act like he’s just a dad on Twitter but really he works for them? Yeah, they’re pretty forgettable BUT it appears they are stepping up their trolling to real life.

And going after Josh Hawley’s SISTER.

Because that’s what as*holes do.

They can’t get to Josh so they go after his family.


They’re scared of Josh so they go after someone they know they can intimidate, and by doing so they can hurt Josh.

So awful.

Josh didn’t pull a single punch.

And they are absolutely reprehensible.

Pretty sure it’s not the Republican Party acting like fascists, guys.

Let’s not pretend the thugs at ‘Really American’ care about telling the truth. Their entire timeline is just a mess of hate and stupid.

C’mon, we all know Twitter verifies basically any progressives/liberal so the fact they have NOT verified Really American tells us all that they are too sh*tty, even for Twitter.



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