As Twitchy readers know, former Trump admin employee (and anonymous snitch for the mainstream media) Miles Taylor claimed he would run as an independent in 2024 if Trump was the nominee so he could ‘sink him.’

He then tweeted that his tweet was not a joke … then he deleted the tweet saying the tweet WASN’T a joke because people were laughing their as*es off at him.

As if HE were the actual joke.

Siraj Hashmi zinged him pretty good:

If these people so focused and broken by Trump would just seek some therapy instead of running for office they would save themselves a lot of time, humiliation, and money.

Miles fired back:

Fawned over?




You know the face you make when someone really gets their backside handed to them and it’s both painful and hilarious? Yup, just made that face.

He’s trying so hard.






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