Full disclosure, we had no idea who Miles Taylor even was until we saw people laughing hysterically AT him (and not with him) over this tweet. Sounds like he was the ‘anonymous source’ behind many of the hit-pieces the legacy media wrote about Trump during his presidency.

What a toad.

Seems Miles thinks if he were to run against Trump in 24 that he would somehow split the vote and sink him.

And he knew this was such a stupid claim that he said it was not a joke.

Which made the joke, him, even funnier.

He deleted the tweet that said, ‘This is not a joke.’


Yes, the only people laughing at his dumb a*s are ‘forever Trumpers’.

As for who Miles is, RBPundit said it best:

The grift is strong for supposed conservatives who SEE THE LIGHT and begin pandering to the left to raise money to battle the evil right.

Hey, while we find them obnoxious and tedious (yet somewhat hilarious) it’s not their fault that people on the Left are stupid enough to give them their money.

That’s what he deleted.

He had to know it would just make it worse.


Our reaction EXACTLY.



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