WaPo, WaPo, WaPo … you guys never learn.

As Twitchy readers know, WaPo went after Christopher Rufo and his fight against Critical Race Theory in a pretty ugly hit piece. And as you also know, he tore them a new one over the ridiculous and flat-out wrong dumpster fire they called an article.

What makes this turn of events even better is that the WaPo story is collapsing onto itself … and it’s glorious.

They have admitted to fabricating a timeline, retracted or added six full paragraphs … reversed key claim … ROFL.

What a hot mess.


Note: Seth is CEO of The Babylon Bee who also successfully went after another giant *NYT* for smearing them … and won.

Love to see it.

Oh yeah.

That WaPo allowed it to be published in the first place which says SO MUCH about them as an outlet, and ain’t none of it good.

Glenn Greenwald chimed in:

They often refuse to correct even major errors because they know their readers don’t care if the story is right.


All they really care about is that the story pushes the narrative they believe.

Yeah, it’s awful and it’s our legacy media these days.



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