You know those threads that when you see them you WISH someone had stopped the person from tweeting RIGHT before they hit send? We see more and more of them on Twitter … like this thread from S.E. Cupp. She’s a self-professed atheist, and clearly not a Catholic, so we’re not entirely sure why she felt the need to hop into the abortion/Biden/Catholic Church debate but here we are.

As you can imagine before you even get reading, this didn’t go well.

Like at all.

Sure, quote-tweet Aaron Rupar about abortion and all the Catholics he supposedly knows. That’ll go over great.


And ‘most’ Catholics think abortion should be legal with restrictions? WHAT?!

Many people.

Most people.

She sounds a bit like Trump here … ahem.

Oh gosh, CAN the Church decide? Do they have your permission!? THANK YOU so much, non-Catholic, for giving the Church permission.

*so many eye rolls*

Don’t those of you who follow any sort of faith love it when people who don’t try and tell you how this all is supposed to work in your church? Good times.

That said …

It’s sort of like saying, ‘With all due respect.’

Don’t bother, ya’ know?

And it’s not political.

We realize our talking heads and media love to make everything political but it’s just not.

It’s spiritual.

This is probably why so many of them are flailing.

Nobody is forcing Biden to be a Catholic. If he, or any Democrat, does not agree with the Church Doctrine he should find a church that is more aligned with his beliefs. The Church shouldn’t have to cave and fit to HIS beliefs.

That’s not how this works.

All. Day. This. ^



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