So is Maggie Haberman REALLY saying it’s Trump’s fault the media does such a crappy job reporting … basically everything?

In case you missed it, everyone and their dog on the Left blamed a horrible, tragic accident during the Wilton Manors Pride parade on DeSantis before any details came out. Even Ft. Lauderdale’s mayor called it ‘domestic terrorism.’

Again, before anyone really knew what happened.

Heck, some people were claiming it was some evil backwoods redneck Trump supporter trying to hurt Debbie Wasserman Schulz.

Yeah, it was a hot mess.

Maggie should have left everything after ‘but’ off her tweet.

BUT then she couldn’t have played the victim and passive-aggressively dunked on Trump.

Luckily, Mollie Hemingway wasn’t having any of it:

What she said.

The media NEEDED it to be true.

Ain’t THAT the truth?


A little sanity there.

You’d think by NOW they’d know that or at least admit it … but nope.



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