Pretty sideways, WaPo.

Sort of like how Joy Reid just keeps ignoring Christopher Rufo’s challenges to a debate on Critical Race Theory, WaPo wrote what is clearly a hit piece on him and his fight against Critical Race Theory INSTEAD of engaging with him.

Which tells us everything we need to know.

*they’re scared*

And of course, Rufo isn’t taking this laying down.

At all.

He took their lies head ON in a pretty damn awesome thread.

Take a look:

We’ve seen this all over. Ever since parents really got involved in the fight and demanded CRT be removed from classrooms, the media, talking heads, and the Left have either pretended they don’t know what CRT really is OR that it isn’t really being taught.

Both are lies.

Ironic, ain’t it?

WaPo … fabricating something around Trump? WE’RE SHOCKED! In fact, we couldn’t be more shocked even if we woke up with our heads sewn to the carpet.

What do you know?

THEY DID say all white people are racist during a diversity training seminar.

What, did they not think he’d read this? Call them out?

The egos and audacity of these people.


If that’s the case democracy ‘died’ years ago.



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