Full transparency, this editor simply cannot watch that horrific video out of Chicago on Juneteenth when a couple was shot (the man died) on video, even though this article is about Ann Coulter sharing that very video and asking if people are seeing much coverage on the incident.

And implying that Google isn’t showing much on it.

Anyway, in response to her tweet, a blue-check named Richard Taite tweeted that the flag they were flying from their car was trolling and he didn’t ‘give a sh*t’ …

Here, let the screenshot speak for itself:

So forget the fact it was not a Confederate flag they were flying, but a Puerto Rican flag … even if it was a Confederate flag they didn’t deserve to be shot and killed.

Notice his pretty, shiny, blue checkmark.

Yeah, Twitter is not verifying its best these days. At all.

Again, he would not have cared if white supremacists got shot and killed … for flying a flag.

Not the comeback he thinks it is.

Dick did eventually delete his entire account, but as you know, dear Reader … Tweets are forever.

Yeah. Dick runs a rehab in Malibu, CA.

Let that sink in.

Ann got the last word in, as she usually does:

Of course, we won’t be able to see what Dick thinks because he deleted his entire account and ran away.



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