As Twitchy readers know, Christopher Rufo has been challenging Joy Reid to debate him on CRT for weeks now. And as you all also know, she keeps ignoring him on this point. Granted, she was ok talking smack about him on her show … but never really addressed his challenge.

Until yesterday.

How is it ‘weirdly aggressive’ to call Joy out for running away from his challenge of a debate and then mean-girling him on her show?

No, we’re pretty sure she is the one being weirdly aggressive here.

And ‘white man’s demand option’? Can you imagine using any other race in that sentence and NOT being called a racist?

Maybe those homophobic time-traveling hackers who wrote homophobic stuff on her blog are to blame?

Chris responded:


We’re going to guess that’s a big ol’ no.


Because she’s not concerned with what Critical Race Theory really is, she’s only concerned with promoting the idea that evil white conservative people don’t know what it is and are hateful racists who don’t want race taught in schools.

Talk about weirdly aggressive.

It certainly does seem to be having a positive impact on the fight.

Keep it up!



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