We suppose we should be somewhat thankful that bubbleheads like Lesley Abravanel exist on Twitter because wow, she makes our job so easy. Granted, reading tweets like hers is somewhat painful (seriously, what is WRONG with people that they go HERE every time there is any sort of tragedy) but at the end of the day we’re not the ones writing the stupid tweets.

She is.

Like this …


What do you want to bet she still thinks Trump called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people’?


Oh, and if you think this tweet is hot garbage check out her ‘retraction’.

These people …

Soooo … it’s DeSantis’ fault that she’s an emotionally thin-skinned, overreactive, screeching harpy? Weird.

Sorry, but no, Lesley, you don’t get to blame DeSantis (or Trump, HOLY CRAP MOVE ON, he’s not in office) because you’re a dbag on Twitter.

Riiiiiight. Like that will happen.


Ironic, ain’t it?



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