Pretty sure we know why Biden and other politicians who support ‘choice’ refuse to answer when asked when they think human life begins. To admit the truth, that life begins at conception, would be a political disaster for our ‘tolerant’ pals on the Left who have now spent decades making abortion about ‘women’s rights’.

It’s absolutely repugnant that they have made the act of abortion into a ‘right’ in their rhetoric.

But you know, being honest about taking risks when having sex won’t make them popular with voters soooo … here we are.

Biology teacher Tony Kinnett was more than happy to answer this question so many keep dodging and he did so with science.


Beyond the fact that this is just freakin’ awesome, it helps dispute the argument that the only people who are against limitless abortion are religious fanatics. Again, it’s another easy way for pro-aborts to ignore those who abhor the act of abortion simply because it goes against humanity. It’s far easier for them to claim it’s a crazy religious belief that makes people fight for life instead of accepting that people really and truly are fighting just because it IS life.

Sorry, not sorry.

And we’ve been told over and over and over again, the Left believes in SCIENCE.


Unless you do not want to see it.


And we’re pretty sure Biden and his Democrat lackeys do not want to see it.



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