As Twitchy readers know, Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to an all-white beach club in Newport, RI. Can you IMAGINE the fit the media would throw if a Republican senator belonged to such a club? Cities would be ON FIRE and Nancy Peloser would be calling for them to be CENSURED and removed from all committess.

But since it’s just this dingleberry …

Members for DECADES.

Let that sink in.

‘Outspoken critic of systemic racism’.


Tell us more about how racist the Right is, Sheldon. We’re all ears.

From The New York Times:

THE names drift through the air like fragments from a Social Register Genesis, not excluding the begats. Everyone is somehow connected to someone, Cushings to Ameses to Cuttings, and Slocums to Drexels to Wetmores and Browns. At a certain level of a certain segment of society, the one Gore Vidal calls America’s ruling class, any conversation is destined at some point to become a narrative of tribal history. This is rarely more clear than on the buffet line for dinner here at Bailey’s Beach on a summer Sunday night.

Bailey’s Beach is the democratic-seeming name given to a rumpled but exclusive club located at the apex of the social order in this city of 27,000, long considered the queen of American resorts. The official name of the place is the Spouting Rock Beach Association, named for a geological formation, and membership in it tends to define summer life here in ways that are sometimes difficult to comprehend, even for insiders.

’’People kill to belong to the beach,” said Beth Pyle, whose twin sister, she added, has never quite made it into the club. ‘It has really driven some people crazy when they don’t get in.”

Democratic-seeming name.

Ya’ don’t say.

But wait, there’s more.

He promised to end his membership.

He didn’t.

Instead, he consolidated his OWNERSHIP with his wife and remained a member.

From Go Local POV:

However, eleven years later, a GoLocal investigation has uncovered that Whitehouse has consolidated his ownership with his wife in Bailey’s, one of America’s oldest and most exclusive beach clubs.

So wait, he not only belongs to the club but has ownership in it?!


Something like that.

Because it’s a reminder that Democrats HAVE NEVER CHANGED.

They just got better at projecting their racist behavior onto others.

And sadly, people bought into it.



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