So if you are a parent or teacher who opposes Critical Race Theory being taught in our classrooms across the country you are ‘attacking it’ because you’re scared of the truth or something. And here we thought people just didn’t want Black children to be told they are oppressed and less than NO MATTER WHAT and white children are oppressors NO MATTER WHAT.

Reading this thread from Sarah Kendzior this editor is officially fine with her block.

Take a look:

Historical accuracy? With Critical Race Theory? On what PLANET?

Nobody opposes learning the full of history – what they oppose is the indoctrination and politicization of history in the classroom. Ask yourselves why they are trying to complicate something that at it’s core is really simple.

Teach facts, not theories.

Knowledge is power … which is why we want kids getting actual knowledge, not rhetoric and propaganda.

CRT only seeks to make things WORSE. Sorry, not sorry.

ScotsFyre took Kendzior to the woodshed:


What she said.

Keep going:

Absurd, destructive, and crippling.

And anti-ethical.

All of that.


Grassroots fighting CRT in the classroom is not big evil scary conservative groups or politicians … it’s parents and teachers of all races and political ideals who do NOT want this garbage being taught to their children. Imagine if instead of pretending these parents and teachers are too stupid to understand CRT the proponents of this indoctrination actually listened to them.

Excellent question.

What is their end game?



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