Psh, we could have told you Rachel Maddow is not a real news show and that she offers only exaggeration and opinion, not facts … and we’re not even an Obama-appointed judge.

C’mon, do people really take her seriously?! Do people say, ‘I can’t wait to get my news from Rachel Maddow’?


This is delish:

From Glenn Greenwald:

In sum, ruled the court, Rachel Maddow is among those “speakers whose statements cannot reasonably be interpreted as allegations of fact.” Despite Maddow’s use of the word “literally” to accuse OAN of being a “paid Russian propaganda” outlet, the court dismissed the lawsuit on the ground that, given Maddow’s conduct and her audience’s awareness of who she is and what she does, “the Court finds that the contested statement is an opinion that cannot serve as the basis for a defamation claim.”

What makes this particularly notable and ironic is that a similar argument was made a year later by lawyers for Fox News when defending a segment that appeared on the program of its highest-rated program, Tucker Carlson Tonight. That was part of a lawsuit brought by the former model Karen McDougal, who claimed Carlson slandered her by saying she “extorted” former President Trump by demanding payments in exchange for her silence about an extramarital affair she claimed to have with him.

An opinion.

So to avoid getting sued for slandering OAN, Rachel has to live with the fact that she’s NOT THE NEWS.

We sort of love that.


Oh, wait.

That doesn’t work here.

Or does it?



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