As Twitchy readers know, Sen. Krysten Sinema penned an op-ed about keeping the filibuster.

And it sounds like her fellow Democrats have a big sad over it … some even feeling like they could maybe still change her mind on it.

We kinda sorta totally and completely love her reaction when she was asked about her op-ed by Garrett Haake:



We’re pretty sure Sinema has zero f**ks to give.

Her give a f**k is broken.

etc, etc


At this point we’d be shocked if legacy media outlets DIDN’T act like activists.

We would have loved that.

But clearly, the Left is NOT loving this.

They are such melodramatic little things.

It’s shocking how little these people know about what the bill actually does and how dangerous it really is.

They’ve been conditioned to think more federal control is a good thing.

Scary, right?

Huh, she does not seem scared to us.

Protecting the minority from the majority, which is the key point of a republic, is a disappointment.

Alrighty then.



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