Every once in a while we come across a back and forth that really speaks for itself.

And this back and forth between Kira Davis and John Cardillo is one of those times.

Kira actually makes a really good point about the Right ‘dying’ on this Juneteenth hill:

What she said.

Considering Republicans were the ones who fought to end slavery, we are in agreement with Kira on this one. Yeah yeah, it’s ANOTHER holiday and the Left is PANDERING, but ultimately she’s right. Being the party who ended slavery we should be the ones promoting a holiday that celebrates the work we did.

Just sayin’.

Not sure why people are so against it.



Kira is hardly a RINO.


That. ^

She gets it.

Why are Republicans willing to die on this hill? Shouldn’t they be championing this as a national holiday since it was the Republicans who fought to free the slaves? We agree with Kira here, this seems like a really bad play by some folks on the right.

Sorry, not sorry.



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