Kurt Schlichter brings up a good point.

We’ve watched for months as other BLM/Antifa protesters (who actually destroyed property and hurt one another) have been pardoned all across the country. Shouldn’t the Capitol Hill protesters receive that same level of treatment since they were only protesting?

And, truth be told, were far less violent?

What he said.

And of course, this brought out the crazies.

Like Louise Mensch.

Good ol’ Louise is still … Louise.

Some things never change.

Annnd the colonel was right.

She went on a tangent.


We sort of stopped reading after she started babbling about his oath to uphold the Constitution which he was when he called for the protesters to be pardoned. Isn’t protest a right?

Kurt responded as only he could:

‘Thank you for your input. It is ridiculous and I will be disregarding it.’


Yup, stealing that one.

Louise, of course, didn’t take the hint:

She’s deliberately being obtuse.

At least we hope this is deliberate because if this is natural?


What he said.



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