We can sort of see what Kamala Harris was trying to do here by pretending she’s the least bit likable or approachable by cooking (one thing) for the female bipartisan senators … even though, as Twitchy said yesterday, it has a very ‘let them eat cake’ vibe to it.

But it really didn’t come off very well.

In fact, all it seemed to do is give people plenty of fodder AND piss off a good many people on the Left.

And we thought Kamala was unpopular with Conservatives … YIKES!

Trust us, this is way more vicious than anything we’ve written about her.

Peak liberal feminism.


Now now, she identified herself as Black during the campaign. That was super important. Heck, Biden admitted that was one of the reasons he chose her.

We snort laughed.

We couldn’t help it.


Notice the number of Os in that off because we felt that one WAY over here.

Gosh, Kammy, this photo-op went well.

Oh, wait.





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