Noor Bin Ladin is indeed a member of the Bin Ladin family.

That being said, she is not her uncle and is in fact very pro-America.

And pro-Trump.

We’re pretty sure Keith is angrier about her support for Trump than he is about her namesake.

Dude is just nuts.

If you look at Noor’s bio it reads:

For the Preservation of Freedom and Western Civilisation’s fundamental principles. Swiss national. Patriot at heart. “Conspiracy theorist”

And this is her pinned tweet:

So yeah, we’re pretty sure Keith is more OUTRAGED over her support of Republicans than she is her family.

And you know, Keith couldn’t stand her fighting back.

Note, Twitter locked this editor twice in the last two weeks for sharing an email between Fauci and Zuckerberg and for pointing out there is no Q. But Keith is allowed to tweet this sort of hate-filled garbage and not only remain unsuspended and unlocked, but verified as well.

Tell us again, Jack, how there’s no bias at Twitter.

Gad Saad was good enough to shut the screeching harpy from Hades down:

What he said.

And guess what? Keith didn’t have a comeback for the man …

Color us shocked.

Huzzah indeed.



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