Poor Governor Hair Gel.

He just can’t seem to get around the fact that he’s still holding his state hostage and is being recalled in a big way. We suppose even Californians will eventually get pissed when the guy telling them their kids can’t go to school is caught maskless with a bunch of friends eating dinner out … more than once.

Nice try, Gavin … buuuuuut no.

Michael Shellenberger’s thread absolutely takes Gavin and sadly the state of CA apart (with all the receipts).

When Democrats run your state …

Keep going:

Just so sad.

And Gavin is bragging about their economy? REALLY?

Oh, that’s right, they decriminalized petty theft.

Good times.

Whoa, decriminalizing crime increases crime.

No way!

Liberalizing drug laws increases overdoses and poisoning.


Increasing reliance on unreliable energy increases blackouts.


Gosh, we’re super shocked.

Man, they have really screwed that state up.

But you all knew that.

Because they made crime less criminal.

Apparently, turning your state into a sh*thole is super progressive.



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