Sarah Kelly (@THEsarahkelly)claimed that anti-fatness (who knew that was really a thing?) is a perpetuation of white supremacy.

Don’t make that face.

We didn’t write it.

Apparently, if people think you’re fat that’s white supremacy?

Dammit, white people!


Sadly, the pushback she received was so bad that she not only protected her tweets BUT deleted it.

Luckily we were able to snag it.

You know, when everything is fascist, racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, and white supremacy then NOTHING IS. We feel like we’ve been writing that very line for about a decade now.

Oh, that’s because WE HAVE BEEN.

And it’s like these social justice harpies just keep getting denser.

She also has tweets like this one:

Sidenote: Big thanks to folks who helped us with these screenshots. Usually we are better about grabbing them ourselves BUT not this time apparently.

This narrative, this rhetoric, doesn’t help anyone who is heavier, at all. In fact, it just makes them more of a target because this is ridiculous and sounds like another excuse not to just get healthy. And this editor says that from experience.

Stop perpetuating the cycle of self-destruction this enables.

Try that.



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