A pastor. Really?

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve written about John Pavlovitz before (and in fact, this editor is blocked) but every time we see something about him cross our timelines we just can’t figure out how a pastor could behave like such a toad on Twitter. Not to mention a toad who wrote a book lecturing other people not to be toads.

Welcome to 2021, folks.

‘You poor, insecure incel.’

Calling Manchin a traitorous coward?

We took a gander at the good pastor’s timeline ourselves and yeah … it’s bad.

Sure, John.

But you know, he doesn’t care about bipartisanship.


Note, we should thank John (we guess) because if we weren’t digging around on his timeline we would never have realized Joy Reid has us blocked.

Good to see we’re not missing much:

And on and on and on.

Like Jonathan says above, if the pastor wants to be a jerk more power to him (we like to think that’s one of the few freedoms we have left on social media) BUT if he wrote a book about not being a jerk? Dude.

Ding ding ding.



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