For far too many people on the Left, Fauci has truly become the High Priest of COVID, and they are his flock.

This is why they become so incredibly ANGRY when anyone questions their “Savior’s” motives, ideas, or actions. This thread does a pretty exceptional job of explaining the whole crazy mess.

I do not question expert authority.

That is terrifying.

We’re Americans, dammit. We question everything (and everybody)!

Is this sort of like those climate change scientists who receive bank from the gov and who keep insisting climate change is manmade? Asking for a friend.

Projects that conform to whatever government prioritizes at any particular moment.

Almost like COVID was pretty damn lucrative.

Hell, it was for Andrew Cuomo … and we all know Fauci is the highest-paid federal employee.

This is not science.





It’s all about pretending the things they are doing to limit your freedoms are for your own good.

And far too many people bought into it over the past 15 months.



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