If you mess with Rand Paul, you mess with his missus and DAMN.

We absolutely love this thread from Kelley Paul who talks about the death threat letter her family received, calling the FBI, and then proceeds to call each and every jacka*s OUT who has incited violence against her husband, Senator Rand Paul.

No more being ‘the better person,’ with these sorts of things. If their rhetoric and hate are getting your family targeted CALL DOWN THE THUNDER.

And she did.

In a big way.

Yeah, ReallyAmerican1 is a crap account and pays an even crappier account who pretends to be some Brooklyn dad, @mmpadellan. And we all know Dick Marx was talking openly about hugging the man who almost killed Rand and buying him a beer.

We know you know, but he really sucks.

But you know, we’re the bad guys.

She kept going.

It’s true. Robinson is still teaching in Virginia … and we all know Bette Midler never shuts up.

No consequences for Democrats?


And we will continue to stand up for Rand, Kelley, his family, AND THE CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED LIBERTIES OF EVERY AMERICAN.

In the meantime, haters can have a nice drink of STFU juice.

PS: We typically do not include someone’s Twitter handle in a headline because every time the story gets shared they get tagged BUT we made an exception for Dick Marx.



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