We spend so much time sharing stupid, terrible, and horrible stuff (yay, politics!) that when we have a chance to share something pretty damn AWESOME we try to. And considering how rarely we get to write anything positive about the NBA?


This is a winner.

Full disclosure, this editor typically does NOT read sports stuff but this is so damn good.

Read all of it.


And then decided to write about it.


Keep going.

To prove hard work trumps hate.

Man, we don’t hear this enough these days.

127 cars in his first 90 days on the job.


So. Good.

Loudest guy in the arena – cheering from start to finish.

Love that.

Super Fan.


Thank you, mom.

*sniff sniffy*

To bring communities CLOSER TOGETHER.

Gosh, if only our elected officials in the US of A could figure this very simple concept out.

We need more of this.

Much much more of this.



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