This is EXACTLY why the media fails, fails, and then fails some more.

When media types stop working to tell the story so they can keep pushing a political agenda they literally stop being a news outlet and become nothing more than a PAC or a gaggle of activists. We’re seeing it happen in real-time, with CNN especially. They spent so many years trying to destroy Trump, and now that he’s gone it seems all they’ve done is destroy themselves.

Lisa Boothe summed it up quite nicely:

They’d rather stick it to Trump/Republicans than tell the truth or get the story.

And they wonder why none of us take them seriously.

Even before Trump.


Maybe not always but for a good long time.

Yuuuuup. Anyone who DARED even suggest COVID had been leaked from the Wuhan lab was immediately labeled Q or a conspiracy nutball …

But now that Trump isn’t in the White House anymore? Gosh, golly, and gee, it could well have been leaked from a lab.


DROVE them crazy.

Past tense.



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