Thinking Richard Marx should put the Twitter DOWN.

As Twitchy readers know, he said some stupid stuff about buying a violent felon booze and giving him a hug since you know, he hates Rand Paul and stuff. That’s totally a sane way to think about people you disagree with, right?

Kurt Schlichter was good enough to warn Dick what happens when people normalize violence against their opponents since the good colonel has lots of experience with it:

And as you can imagine, Dick didn’t listen to the colonel and instead started babbling about … you know what, we’re not sure.

When we look at the comments we just see a bunch of people dragging Dick around for tweeting something so awful.

Kurt responded:

We like how he called him Dick.


And then Dick played the victim:

Says the guy who just tweeted about buying booze for and hugging a violent felon.


Wherever you go, whatever you do …

And then Dick got BIG MAD:


See what we mean? He should just stop tweeting.

But we all know he won’t.



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