Sean Lennon gets it.


It’s nice writing something like this after writing about a toad, like Richard Marx.

Once again this is a thread that doesn’t need much introduction:

This editor is a little younger than Sean but can absolutely remember seeing political correctness (which has turned into ridiculous social justice) creeping into every facet our of our lives.

And nope.

The road to Hell is definitely paved with good intentions.

Look at what we’re seeing now in 2021.

Particularly terrible.

Worse than they were a decade ago … even two decades ago.

And why is that?


Equal distribution of sh*tty people.

BOO and YAH.

Race has zero to do with whether or not you’re a good person. This is not difficult.

Simply saying we should check our strategy.

Smart cookie.

Considered to be naive.

Sad, ain’t it?


We’re still reading this and we liked it enough to write about it.

We’re not seeing too much outrage over his thread yet.




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